Staying Hopeful During Tough Times

Staying Hopeful During Tough Times

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Let’s face it. Life is tough for most of us at the time of writing this blog. It’s January, we are in lockdown in the UK and there is some snow on the ground (for those that know, the UK grinds to a halt with less than an inch of snow!)

The truth is, no one escapes difficult times in their lives. Whether it’s political unrest, a global pandemic or economic downturn, life’s challenges teach us more than the times we enjoy peace, harmony and happiness. I have learned through my many challenges and the time spent training as a coach, the ability to stay hopeful during tough times is a skill that can be developed. Let me give you five pearls of wisdom to help in some way if you are finding that life is tough right now.

1 - What Can Learn From It?

Sometimes it’s difficult to see any challenge we face as anything other than a hindrance. Seeing them as gifts to better myself and situation I have found myself in, has been the best way for me to deal with things. By attempting to look past the obstacle that seemingly has eclipsed you vision, you will see that this won’t be you. There is more beyond this challenge. Discover what you can about the situation, learn, adapt, change and you will be able to move on.

2 - Accept The Challenge

If you’ve been blindsided and smacked up the side of your head with a situation or challenge that seems to have left a negative taste in your mouth, the worst thing you can do is try to ignore that it’s there. By acknowledging it, you can deal with it head on and find a solution. Start by asking yourself if the issue is something you can change. If so, then it’s time to make a game plan. If not, then learn how to live with the new status quo, rather than wasting time and energy fighting it.

3 - Laugh More Often

Even if you don’t feel like it initially, the act of laughing changes our mood. Hopelessness doesn’t stand a chance against a good belly laugh. The fun thing about laughter is, once you start, it’s hard to stop. You can even fake it until you make it with laughter. It will lighten your mood and help you see solutions that weren’t there before. Find a way to make yourself laugh and the one ones around you and you will see the grey clouds lift.

4 - Choose Happiness

And it is a choice! Much of our life can be about going through the motions if we let it. Ask yourself if doing what you are doing is what’s best for you? As long as it won’t hurt others, make the choice that will create happiness in your life. If that means stopping doing things or removing certain people from your life, consider the choices that will bring you happiness and nothing more.

5 - Keep A Record

By keeping a journal, or even recording in some other way, make a notes of what’s going on both in your mind and in your immediate surroundings. This will help you to process the experience and find creative solutions. Every time I have done this, I have found a solution or at least a path that I needed to walk to get past what is in front of me. When we get things out of our head, we’re able to deal with problems logically rather than emotionally. A journal will help you when looking back, and be a powerful experience, to see the progress you have made in life.