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Ant Hodges is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker with a passion for helping businesses grow. With over two decades of experience in the marketing industry, Ant brings a wealth of knowledge, practical insights, and a unique perspective to every speaking engagement.

"Lead with integrity, serve with love, and succeed with humility." Ant Hodges

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About Ant Hodges

Ant is a seasoned marketing growth consultant, entrepreneur, and the founder of multiple successful businesses. He's known for his energetic delivery, practical advice, and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes. From being a foster care leaver and a college dropout, to becoming a successful business owner and experiencing catastrophic business failure, Ant's experience in overcoming adversity and "going again" is what makes Ant's story so powerfully inspiring.

Ant's business-focused superpower is simplifying complex and often confusing topics, such as marketing funnels and the art of generating online sales. Any audience will walk away with a greater understanding and a tactical framework that they can implement themselves.

Through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Ant's journey has equipped him with invaluable lessons, which he shares to inspire and guide others on their business journey. His Faith as a Christian, combined with his Prophetic and Worship Leading gifts, enable Ant to connect Biblical principles and tactical implementation for Ministry Leaders and Entrepreneurs to be empowered to lead with integrity, serve with love, and succeed with humility.

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Here's just a snapshot of some of the feedback received after spending time with Ant...

"Ant is Amazing! He gives so much information and for someone like me, it helps me to have a very clear roadmap in front of me to implement everything I need to have a successful online business." Simon Banks

"I have benefited from Ant's coaching expertise many times. Where I have implemented his suggestions I've had great results. I am impressed by his knowledge on various aspects of online marketing and strategy. " Tania Jones

"I first met Ant at a seminar he was the speaker and he done a really good job at getting his point a cross,I would recommend any one to go and see him, everything he says made sense." Sue Dunmill

"Ant's story really did empower me to be able to start to lead with full integrity, to demonstrate love where I can and to see success as a gift and outcome of my own act of service to others - thank you Ant." Lynda Garcia

"Ant is a business mentor that has a depth of strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business. His strategic insight, results focused approach and leading edge marketing strategies will take your business to the next level." Gavin Preston

"Ant Hodges recently spoke at one of my events educating the audience on social marketing & SEO. A brilliant speaker with a really warm engaging style. His content is incredibly well researched and presented. " Warren Cass

"Ant is always happy to answer questions and to repeat points to ensure everyone, however un technical, can understand and more importantly act on the knowledge gained. Lots of 'how to' advice. " Charlotte Mannion

"As an event organiser of Social Media Conferences, I am always in search for the best in the business and Ant is undoubtedly an expert in Social Media. His feedback is always excellent and he is entertaining and enthusiastic he works with client helping them in the digital marketing arena and understands more than anyone else I have come across." Debra Mann

"Ant provided expert knowledge on the implementation of a social media marketing and business strategy. He provided a great deal of knowledge and honest advice as well as showing patience with attendees who varied in experience." Bethan Nottingham

"Ant is one of those wonderful resources who is full of knowledge, ideas and creativity. I posed a problem and he had not one but several suggestions for a solution so that I could improve my social media strategy and build it into success." Michele Rosenthal

"I have heard Ant speak a number of times around the field of online marketing and general brand advice. I see a lot of guest speakers and have found Ant to be right up there with the best of them at providing expert advice that is both practical and realistic for all levels of business. " Dave Plunkett

"Anthony is one of the most gifted, productive, disciplined, and good-natured people that I've ever worked with. He is creative and skilled in art and design, with both an abundance of good ideas and the technical know-how." Marshall Sana

"I started the day with an expectation of what the day was going to be like. I came away with far more practical advice about how I can move on, in my business, than I thought I would." Colin Brown

"Today was AWESOME! Ant gave us a very easy to follow framework as to how to put my whole business together and getting his input into how to actually make it work in my business was amazing." Sara Burton

"Hearing Ant's story touched my heart. His journey of success, failure and resilience to go again is so inspiring. Ant is one of the God-sent servants who's story is full of faith building moments." Grant Miller

"Ant is a specialist in social media who will tell you what he thinks. A professional in all aspects of his work." Rikki Hunt

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Some of Ant's Key Topics

Overcoming Failure and Embracing Success

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Faith, The Bible and Business

Balancing Business and Personal Life

The Power of Creativity in Business

Kajabi: The Language of the Course Creator

Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

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