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Hey, Ant Hodges here.

– Probably the BIGGEST Kajabi geek on the planet, or at least in the UK 🇬🇧

Cards on the table, I am an avid fan, scratch that, a RAVING fan of this platform called Kajabi. So much that I actively promote it and have helped 100’s of people get started with it and use it properly.

Kajabi is the one platform that I use to run all aspects of my business. I use it to Coach, Train, Facilitate my Community and Market My Agency – having achieved a 7-figure income from it, I want to help you get started so you can see that Magic MILLION 💰 Turnover Figure in your business.

If you were to head over to the Kajabi site now, you can get a 14-day trial with the. Here, on this page, if you use my special partner link, I am able to more than DOUBLE YOUR TRIAL FOR FREE, up to 30-days.

As part of the onboarding previously, Kajabi offered a 28-Day Hero Challenge which unfortunately is not there anymore… so I created my own. If you sign up for the free 30-day trial by clicking the button below, I'll give you instant access to my personal Kajabi Kickstart mini-course, 100% free of charge. 

My Kajabi Kickstart mini-course walks you through:

  • Setting Your Kajabi Account Up Properly – First Time Around
  • How to Build An Expert Positioning Website with Just 5 Pages
  • Creating Your First Free Opt-In Product (Lead Magnet) Page
  • My Easy Course Creation Blueprint
  • How to Use Your Cell Phone/Mobile to Film Your First Online Course
  • The Steps Needed to Get Your Mini-Course into Kajabi
  • Creating an Offer in Kajabi to Sell Your Course
  • My Product Suite Masterclass – Why You Should Have More than One Product
  • Crafting the PERFECT Long Term Nurture Sequence to Consistently Add Value to Your List and Sell Your Online Products

And if that’s not enough, I want to show you EXACTLY how to create the Best Sales Page possible to sell your online course, membership website or digital product. If you choose to make Kajabi your home and you start paying for your Kajabi account after your trial (or even before your trial ends) send me a copy of your first month’s payment confirmation as proof of purchase (send to [email protected]) and I will grant you additional access to my Sales Page Mastery mini-course for free! This additional mini-course is available on my website to buy today for $297 but stick with Kajabi after your trial and it’s yours, on me.

Why am I doing this? Well, I get paid a commission payment from Kajabi for referring people to use their system. As a Kajabi Partner now since 2012, I love the ethos of the company and what it stands for, so I want to help as many people as possible succeed with it. The commission payments I receive help me to continue to support you, but I want to give back, even more, that’s why I am gifting these bonuses to you if you just try Kajabi for free for 30-days and then stick with it.

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