Three Core Challenges Every Online Business Owner Must Overcome

When you start out on a journey to create and grow and online business, it’s both exhilarating and challenging. The excitement of getting your first customer, coupled with the slow way in which leads come in and the fact that sales trickle in after that first sale is often how it is for most – if you make a sale at all!

The promise of only having to do a 4-hour work week and the way that you can work the laptop lifestyle and be your own boss, leveraging your expertise, and creating financial freedom, is as attractive as the latest Apple promotional email for an Apple Fan Boy like me! 

I see often see three huge challenges (listed below), that many entrepreneurs find themselves suffering with and banging their heads against a brick wall when it comes to actually achieving success.

Let me help you save your head from hurting!

Here's me banging my head against a brick wall for you!

Challenge 1. Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace

With the massive amount of opportunity there is in the digital world, standing out becomes a pretty much mammoth task. Every day, thousands of new businesses are born online, each one trying to get the attention of potential customers. Breaking through this noise and making yourself seen and heard is the first step to establishing a successful online business.

Tackling this challenge involves understanding who you are going to serve, what it is that will excite them enough to listen to you and then sharing content that they will love to consume.

Remember, in the online world, it's not about being visible to everyone, but about being highly visible to the right people - your target audience. Vanity metrics such as followers and likes mean nothing. Engagement means everything.

This is covered in Module 1 of the 6-Figure Expert Business Programme starting soon.

Challenge 2. Crafting an Offer That Resonates

Creating a product or a service that people want is easier said than done. And there are two schools of thought.

Take the easy way and sell it before you make it.

Take the longer-lasting path and create something for people that you know will want it.

Everything you do as a course creator, trainer or coach, should solve a problem. And true experts, they know their audience. They know them so well in fact, that when they create something, people buy it right away when it’s put under their noses.

Understanding what your audience genuinely needs, aligning it with your expertise, and then packaging it into an irresistible offer is a crucial skill to master – and then this becomes an activity you can then repeat time and time again.

Listening to your potential customers, and continuously building a strong relationship with them, is the best way to develop this understanding. You get to hear their frustrations, their fears, and know their aspirations.

Your goal should be to create a no-brainer offer – one that your target customer cannot resist because it addresses the challenges they have and offers them a path to get the fastest result possible, with your guidance.

When you try and sell something that does not exist yet, if you do sell it, it puts an insane level of pressure on you to deliver. Plus, how will people know what you have to offer? We talk about this inside the 6-Figure Expert Business Programme too.

Challenge 3. The Art of Selling

Some would say that selling online is an art, one that requires so much training and time to master. The mindset is that must learn to sell your soul when selling online.

Not so much.

Over the years, I have developed a process of selling that I call Selling Without Selling™ - it's essentially all about having the best conversation you can have with someone that serves them exactly where they are at and provides them the opportunity to say “Let me buy” rather than you trying to sell.

Yes, this involves understanding the psychology of your customers, honing the art of asking great questions, and knowing when to position compelling calls-to-action.

In Module 4 of the 6-Figure Expert Business Programme I teach you my full Selling Without Selling™ strategy so you can start to sell more online.

Ant’s Final Thought

These three challenges - visibility, creating an enticing offer, and learning how to sell - can all be overcome. By creating the right strategy and having the right guidance for all your implementation, testing and perfecting what you do, you can demolish these roadblocks.

If you join the next group inside my 6-Figure Expert Business System, I will equip you with the tools you need to navigate these hurdles and create a thriving online business.

The journey to becoming a successful online business owner is a marathon, not a sprint. Stop looking for shortcuts that will not help you build something that will last. Buckle up and get ready to overcome these challenges head-on. A 6-figure online business is within reach – let’s get there together.

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