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What gets you from start up to six-figures, will not get you from six-fingers to seven! Scaling can be tough. Especially when you are doing it on your own, guessing the strategies and tactics you need to put in play, even after buying into countless guru’s courses, the process of scaling is more science than art.

Yes, you can be creative in your approach, but applying proven systems and being mentored through it all will allow you to scale - FAST!

The challenge with all the online training and guru-led programmes is that you are just another number, another sale - just another punter.

The videos are available for you to watch, the templates ready for you to install, but there is little engagement with you, directly from the mentor to speak into your business and help you personally. Plus, when it comes to buying into these "guru" type people, it can be hard to see who has just jumped on the bandwagon and is just good at selling a programme, in comparison to those who the years of experience needed to help you get to where you want to get to.

Ant has changed all that - with 20+ years of experience in the information marketing and digital world, Ant has earned multiple 7-figures in his own business and has helped dozens of others scale up to have 7-figure businesses - that's the pedigree that Ant brings to this personalised coaching programme.

By booking your call with Ant today (below) you’ll chat specifically about Ant’s Million Dollar Expert Business mentorship, working 1-on-1 with him directly to help you put the systems, process and strategies in place to scale up to a million dollar business and beyond.

This is NOT an online learning programme where you will be chucked into a mass coaching group and expected to watch pre-recorded videos and apply what you learn, all on your own. The biggest part of this programme is that you will work 1-on-1 with Ant so that he can speak directly into all that you are doing, assisting you to implement with his team on hand to make things happen.

You read that right… you’ll get specific guidance, mentoring, and unprecedented access to Ant on a 1-on-1 basis.

If you are looking for a mentoring programme that will enable you to see tangible results, right from the start, and have a team to do all the implementation needed, book a call to get started today.

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Million Dollar Expert Business Mentoring Programme with Ant Hodges

Currently limited to working with only a few clients, by application only, if accepted, you will be joining an exclusive group of people that will get exclusive access to Ant every week. You’ll also work with his team and get everything you need to succeed, implemented and done for you. You will see your business scale from six to seven figures. By booking your call today, you could be working with Ant in as little as 72 hours!

In this mentoring programme, you’ll get the complete breakdown of what makes a seven-figure expert business and measure that against where you are right now. You will make a plan together with Ant, then go for it with unprecedented levels of implementation.

There will be a specific focus around:

  • How to build the best team in your business - you won’t scale and have a sustainable million-dollar business without a team.
  • Creating the systems and processes within your business that enable you to scale FAST.
  • The power of automating as much as you can, delegating almost everything, and maintaining the input needed from you to serve your clients.
  • The secret sauce of niching and ONLY playing to your strengths.

So it’s totally clear for you, this is a private coaching and mentoring programme. It will be completely customised to you and your business - there is no blueprint or one-size-fits-all offering here. Book your call with Ant now, and map out your specific journey towards your goal.

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How This Personalised 1-on-1 Programme is Delivered:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 calls with Ant, and access to the recordings…
    • An initial 395-Day Strategy and Business Planning session to kick your time working with Ant.
    • Weekly quick-fire calls 1-on-1 with Ant.
  • The ability to book calls with Ant’s agency team to talk social media, video marketing and funnels, asking any questions and getting help as you need it.
  • 24/7 support via Voxer (an app available for iPhone and Android) to send Ant any voice notes, quickfire questions and for accountability with him.
  • Instant release of the Ant’s 6-Figure Expert Business System content - videos, downloads, worksheets etc - so you can ensure you have all the foundations in place.
  • An invitation to book into Ant’s Annual Mastermind Retreat - a 4-day intensive somewhere sunny!
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PLUS... Ant will also share how working with him could include a FULL-SERVICE, DONE FOR YOU MARKETING offering from his Agency team so that all the implementation needed to be done, gets done for you.

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In the spirit of total transparency, there is no obligation to purchase anything on the call with Ant. The call with Ant is to see if you click, to see if there is a way that you will be able to work together and to see if his coaching programme is suitable for you or not. Not everyone is able to join. Then when the offer is presented to you, you can choose, without any high-pressure sales tricks, to buy or not to buy. If invited and you choose to buy, Ant will share ways to attract highly qualified leads, and use strategies to sell to them at scale, all while serving them to overcome their biggest challenges. Everything Ant coaches on and trains people in is about getting the best foundations in place that will last and enable you to build a long-lasting business without having to run marketing strategies and sales processes that manipulate people into buying. Nothing in Ant's coaching and training will teach you how to run so-called "organic" campaigns that harvest other people's Facebook groups or scrape LinkedIn data to mass cold email or message everyone - many who share those strategies don't understand that this breaks the terms of service of these platforms and group owners, if caught your accounts could get closed. Strategies Ant coaches around and teaches include advertising, video marketing, funnels and social media, together with ways to grow your team and create a legitimate business that has the ability to scale.