Kajabi App - What's all the hype about?

kajabi kajabi app

Game Changer - The Kajabi App! That's my opinion.

With the ability to now give my customers details on how to use the Kajabi App to access my courses, content and private member communities, this is a game changer.

Try Kajabi and get access to the Kajabi App, free for 28 days by clicking here Click here to try Kajabi for FREE for 28 days

The Kajabi App also includes the ability for me to send notifications and updates to my users when posting new content.

With the Kajabi App firmly in the pockets of all my customers, they can take me anywhere and have access to my content 24/7!

With lots of extra's coming soon and the promises of further development, for version 1.0, the Kajabi team have not let me down here with the Kajabi App.

Thank you team Kajabi!

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