Five Ways to Become a Calmer Person

Five Ways to Become a Calmer Person

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We hear a lot about how to be calm and why calmness is essential. But why? What does “calm” really do for someone? If we’re feeling like being calm gets in the way of our success and being busy, or on the go all the time, gives us motivation and the hustle-focused mentality we need to succeed, you’re not alone.

A lot of people associate calmness with a lack of enthusiasm, pacifism or meekness. In reality, it’s what helps us have a clear mind so that we can achieve all of our dreams and goals. We’ve got to start somewhere. We must find the time to pause, stop and reset at times. We must also find those moments of calm in our life everyday to be able to stop the hustle from taking over.

Here are five ways I believe we can all become a calmer person:

Practice Full Immersion

Just like when you learn a new skill, if we immerse ourselves in the headspace of doing that skill fully, but with patience and slowness, we will learn how to master that skill better. Going all in like this, means we have less distractions if we only have the one thing to focus on. This helps us to be calmer as we are not flitting from one thing to the other all the time. The most important thing is that we commit to something and carve time out to have dedicated focus on it at times during our week, without distraction.

Surround Ourselves with Calm

Tapping into the immersion piece is one way, another way to become calmer is to surround ourselves with calming imagery. Maybe we could paint the walls of our office in a colour that makes us happy. Or perhaps we could add in indoor water feature for calming background noise.

Take a Break When We Need One

The hustle is great. It helps us get results. But remember, if life is always about the hustle, it means that we have not got the right systems and processes in our business or life. Without these, we can never take a break. Sometimes we need a break. Breaks are good for the mind, especially when we’re usually working hard! Taking a break means we can allow our mind go through it’s unconscious thoughts so that it’s conscious self can get back to work when we get back to it.

Let Conflict be Conflict

Sometimes, we get into conflict, and we take all the blame – we hand the blame over to someone else. Either way, engaging in conflict and letting it consume us is not the way to attain calmness for our mind. The next time we find ourselves getting wrapped up in conflict, we need to take a step back, and ask “What good it is doing for us?” If it’s not doing any good — and most of the time, it’s won’t be — we have to step away and let the conflict be conflict.

Observe from Far Away

It’s one thing to choose not to engage in something, whether it be a conflict or a toxic relationship. It’s another thing to decide to observe from far away, detach and then let go. For some people, it takes years to nail down the art of observing and detaching. It doesn’t matter how long it takes us — we must go at our own pace, and we’ll see progress in reacting less and being calmer.

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