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8 Ways to Make The Fresh Start to the Year That You Deserve

Failure gets a bad rap in our society. It starts in school. You get something wrong, you get marked down and you see this big red X in the page. For me when I look back to school, and all through my life, getting things wrong has left a bad taste I my mouth when I try and set my feet on a new path. The fears attached to the consequences of getting things wrong have held me back in the past.

The one thing that I learned a few years ago though was that failing means you haven’t found the right way yet.

If you are looking forward and planning new goals or setting yourself new targets, but you’re asking yourself “Why bother, I failed to reach goals that I set last time!” listen up… you’re in very good company! Thomas Edison tried and failed more than a thousand times before he found the correct way to make a light bulb work. If you need to pick yourself up from a year gone by where you just seemed to be spinning your wheels and getting no-where fast,...

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The Power of True Rest to Aid Success

Rest - It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

You need to rest as an Entrepreneur

You've seen those pictures, inspirational quotes and social media posts that depict a tower block of apartments in the middle of the night. All of the lights are out apart from one and an arrow is pointing to the one that is still on saying "Entrepreneur"

Life does not have to be this way

I know that the hustle, the graft and the hard work needs to be put in when you're a business owner and entrepreneur, but the importance of rest is often overlooked.

Let me share truth right now. Your business will be more successful if you find time to rest and protect that time at all costs.

In my first business I made the mistake of thinking that this picture of the entrepreneur, in their apartment up late at night when everybody else is sleeping, was the way in which I had to run my business. I would be up and out early, working all day and then return home from the office late, only...

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It’s Official: Good has Killed Off Great

Have you read Jim Collins' book, Good to Great (the pre-qual to Built to Last, even though it was written after)? In it Jim suggests that the fact that we settle for Good in society today, it has killed off the notion of striving for Great.

With good schools, governments, churches, businesses, hospitals etc., comes comfort. We settle for good because it isn’t bad. And in that, we think that great is something reserved for the few, so we don’t even bother.

What’s your attitude to where things are for you in life right now?

Are things good?

Are things great?

Are things bad?

Greatness comes from the choice to not settle for good. And good is the absence of bad.

What if we’re in a bad place right now?

If we find that things are not good (bad) then we must find ways and people to help us move out of those situations. Often I’ve found myself in a bad place, knowing that I can make a choice and I can seek help. For some, it may be that...

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