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The Best Morning Routine for Success

Hi, my name's Ant Hodges. If we've not met before, I want to talk to you about how I set my day up and how successful entrepreneurs around the world have one secret weapon in their arsenal for greater productivity, a more focused mindset, and ultimately greater success. That is a morning routine.

One of the things that I've learned in business is that everybody wants a piece of your time, your email, your inbox is the best filing system for other people's agendas. Your mobile phone is the best way for somebody to interrupt your life and put their agenda first.

So, the first thing that I would say when you start to think about your morning routine is to start from a mindset of going ‘I need to prioritize me today. Today is about me and my success. Today is about what I'm going to do to achieve success. Today is about who I am going to serve and help.’ If we wake up with that mentality and we wake up with a gratitude mentality then we will be able to...

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