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The FASTEST Way To Sell Your Training Courses Online

If you’ve ever wanted to sell online courses or have your own online business teaching others what you know, there is a new and FAST way to get you there.

In our digital world today there’s no denying that we’re constantly bombarded with distractions.

Do this!

Do that!

Oh no no no. Try this instead!

It’s easier now than ever to be pulled in different directions and look back weeks, months, or even a year from now and feel frustrated at our own lack of progress towards our dream business or achieving the success that we want to achieve.

Well like I said, what I’m sharing with you today may very well be the fastest and most effective path to finally get you where you want to be. At least when it comes to selling digital products, courses, programs and setting up memberships online.

If you didn’t know I use a platform called Kajabi for everything from my website and email marketing, to making sales and fulfilling my products.

Kajabi’s known as...

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The Best Morning Routine for Success

One of the things that I've learned in business is that everybody wants a piece of your time, your email, your inbox is the best filing system for other people's agendas. Your mobile phone is the best way for somebody to interrupt your life and put their agenda first.

So, the first thing that I would say when you start to think about your morning routine is to start from a mindset of going ‘I need to prioritize me today. Today is about me and my success. Today is about what I'm going to do to achieve success. Today is about who I am going to serve and help.’ If we wake up with that mentality and we wake up with a gratitude mentality then we will be able to succeed.

I got a few points here that will help you to shape your morning routine that will set you up for success in the best possible way.

The first thing that I would say - mobile phones devices, electronic devices, get them out of the bedroom, get them charging somewhere else in the house and do not check...

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Greater Productivity from Having a Tidy Desk

If I was to walk into your office or home study, right now, what would I see? Would it be a space of calming "zen-ness" or would it be a complete mess?

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that it is not in a tidy environment that creative geniuses flourish. They found that creative minds need and prefer a chaotic workspace. (Source)

If this research to shows that more exciting and creative results come from a messy environment, it does not promote productivity. Here you will find some key strategies to create the ideal setting for better productivity.

Creating the ideal environment for greater productivity

An organised desk is an essential discipline to have. Not only for yourself but to your customers, team members and co-workers, even if they will never be in the same physical space as you when you are working. Your workspace is a visual representation of professionalism - what does it say to you, looking at it right now? Does it help you to stay focussed,...

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Set Your Sails and Cruise into a New Future

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails,”
~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr - author of Life's Little Instruction Book

Question: If there are things in life are happening to you and you can't get any kind of control over them, what do you do?

Answer: Stop trying to change them.

The only things that you can change are those which you have total control over. This means that you need to find a way to move forward by "adjusting your sales" and put your focus on the future rather than on the now.

When a sailor knows a storm is coming from a certain direction, he or she will adjust the sails and tighten the rigging to let the wind push them in the opposite direction to the storm. This is not turning around, the goal is to stay on course towards their target location but they make the adjustments to stop them getting caught up in a disaster that could sink their boat.

It’s the same with your life. Continuing on a course where...

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The Power of True Rest to Aid Success

Rest - It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

You need to rest as an Entrepreneur

You've seen those pictures, inspirational quotes and social media posts that depict a tower block of apartments in the middle of the night. All of the lights are out apart from one and an arrow is pointing to the one that is still on saying "Entrepreneur"

Life does not have to be this way

I know that the hustle, the graft and the hard work needs to be put in when you're a business owner and entrepreneur, but the importance of rest is often overlooked.

Let me share truth right now. Your business will be more successful if you find time to rest and protect that time at all costs.

In my first business I made the mistake of thinking that this picture of the entrepreneur, in their apartment up late at night when everybody else is sleeping, was the way in which I had to run my business. I would be up and out early, working all day and then return home from the office late, only...

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Kajabi vs Teachable


If you are wanting to start selling courses online you can use a platform like Udemy who controls your pricing, has everything on their platform, or take FULL control by creating your own pricing model and set it all up your own platform.

Two of the market leaders that allow you to do this are Teachable and Kajabi. And I want to talk through my choice and the reasons why I chose one over the other.

Video also available on YouTube here.

Courses with Categories

Your course will look like a proper syllabus of content when you use either Kajabi or Teachable. Having said that, Kajabi allows for sub-categories to be nested under main categories.

This is important if you are building membership sites or courses with lots of content so that menus don't become endless lists that look too daunting and overwhelming to some users.

Video Hosting

Both Kajabi and Teachable use the amazing integration with Wista, one of the best platforms for ensuring huge deliverability. With unlimited...

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It’s Official: Good has Killed Off Great

Have you read Jim Collins' book, Good to Great (the pre-qual to Built to Last, even though it was written after)? In it Jim suggests that the fact that we settle for Good in society today, it has killed off the notion of striving for Great.

With good schools, governments, churches, businesses, hospitals etc., comes comfort. We settle for good because it isn’t bad. And in that, we think that great is something reserved for the few, so we don’t even bother.

What’s your attitude to where things are for you in life right now?

Are things good?

Are things great?

Are things bad?

Greatness comes from the choice to not settle for good. And good is the absence of bad.

What if we’re in a bad place right now?

If we find that things are not good (bad) then we must find ways and people to help us move out of those situations. Often I’ve found myself in a bad place, knowing that I can make a choice and I can seek help. For some, it may be that...

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The right stewardship of your resources

I’ve had a fair number of “coaches” contact me with regards to the important message that I put out onto LinkedIn a little while ago.

You can read it here

Those that contacted me had one of two messages for me.

  • The first was a message, generally, of full agreement with what I shared.
  • The other, one in direct opposition to the thoughts and opinions that I shared.

If, being honest with you, I knew that it would provoke that sort of a reaction from some. In essence I was sharing my thoughts around a business model that is being taught by many, being followed by many and one that is just wrong and not a wise way to run advertising in my opinion.

I’ve worked with so many coaches who bought into products and programs of “gurus” and achieved absolutely nothing from their investment. Sometimes the whole picture isn’t necessarily given during the sale, including the level of investment over and above the "coaching" and "training" that will be...

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