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It's time to FINALLY stop spinning your wheels and finally get traction in your coaching, consultancy and expert business. There is nothing to buy on this page but by booking a call with Ant below, it means that you’ll chat specifically about Ant’s 6-Figure Expert Business Programme and see if it's a good fit to work with Ant inside a 90-day roadmap that will help you generate more leads and convert more sales that will enable you to achieve those regular $10,000 months that you seek.

This is NOT a distance learning programme. Yes, Ant will release to you a whole bunch of online video training and resources, but this is a specialised and personal 90-day journey that you will go on with Ant himself. You’ll get the exact help you and mentoring Ant to succeed with your online marketing, advertising, sales, content creation, service delivery and business systems. 

If you are looking for a programme that will enable you to see tangible results, right from the start, book a call to get started today.

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6-Figure Expert Business Mentoring Programme with Ant Hodges

Limited to a small number of clients that get exclusive access to Ant and everything you need to succeed and see your business grow into a reliable 6-figure income enterprise, you could be working with Ant in as little as 48 hours!

In this mentoring programme, you’ll get the complete breakdown of what makes a 6-figure expert business and measure that against where you are at right now. The aim then would be to set goals, develop a personalised plan to achieve the quickest results and give you all the tools needed to implement what you need to, in the easiest way possible.

Ant’s eight-part system to master a growing business will be released to you in full (not dripped each week) and will include coaching and mentoring around: Vision, Products, Offers, Sales, Marketing, Systems, Team and Strategy.

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How This Personalised 1-on-1 Programme is Delivered:

  • Instant release of the full 6-Figure Expert Business system content - videos, downloads, worksheet etc
  • Regular calls with Ant during the 90-days you’re working together:
    • An initial Strategy and Business Planning session to kick your 90-days off, 1-on-1 with Ant.
    • Further bi-weekly Q&A calls 1-on-1 with Ant - available to book after you have completed agreed actions.
  • The ability to book calls with Ant’s agency team to talk social media, video marketing and funnels, asking any questions and getting help as you need it.
  • 24/7 support via Voxer (an app available for iPhone and Android) to send Ant any voice notes, quickfire questions and for accountability with him.
  1. Vision - Outline the exact vision for where you want to get to
  2. Products - Helping you create products and services that people want
  3. Offers - Positioning more no-brainer offers that people will buy
  4. Sales - Learn Ant’s Selling Without Selling™ strategy
  5. Marketing - Birth a marketing plan that works and does not suck all your time
  6. Systems - Automate and systematise what you need to and save time
  7. Team - Understand how to create a power team to serve you and your customers
  8. Strategy - Get clear on a 90-day plan and strategy for your business growth
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In the spirit of total transparency, there is no obligation to purchase anything on the call with Ant. The call with Ant is to see if you click, to see if there is a way that you will be able to work together and to see if his coaching programme is suitable for you or not. Not everyone will be invited or will be able to join - their business may not be in the right stage for this level of coaching, the investment may be too much for them, or they just won't click with Ant. When the offer is presented to you, you can choose, without any high-pressure sales tricks, to buy or not to buy. If invited and you choose to buy, Ant will share ways to attract highly qualified leads, and use strategies to sell to them at scale, all while serving them to overcome their biggest challenges. Everything Ant coaches on and trains people in is about getting the best foundations in place that will last and enable you to build a long-lasting business without having to run marketing strategies and sales processes that manipulate people into buying. Nothing in Ant's coaching and training will teach black-hat techniques, push button solutions to make millions overnight, nor will is show you how to run so-called "organic" campaigns that harvest other people's Facebook groups or scrape LinkedIn data to mass cold email or message everyone. You must be ready to invest both time and money to make any business work, and with Ant's coaching programme here, things are no different. The Strategies Ant coaches around and teaches include advertising, video marketing, funnels and social media, together with ways to grow your team and create a legitimate business that has the ability to scale. You must be in a position to implement yourself to get results, have a team do it for you or speak with Ant about his done for you services.