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Discover how Ant’s digital agency, HodgesNet can serve you with complete done-for-you digital and online marketing. Online branding, SEO, Email, Social, Web Video and much more!

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Find out more about Ant’s training, mentoring and coaching academy that serves to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve greater success.

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Network Marketing Vs MLM

Achieving financial freedom in life is possible. It’s a longer journey for others to achieve, but it is possible to get there. Neil Ryder, in his ebook “Financial Freedom”, talks about a number of ways to get there. One way is Network Marketing or MLM. It’s the type...

Do We Use Humour Enough in B2B Marketing?

Humour is one of those things that is difficult to get right – particularly in B2B marketing. Business is serious, isn’t it? Successful content marketing should have a friendly tone. Whether it’s for B2B or B2C, humour and simplicity keep audiences...

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