Let's work together for 6-weeks to get the plans in place to launch your online coaching or training business


Starting an online coaching or training business can be a rewarding and exciting venture.

It can also be overwhelming, so having a clear framework to follow can help ensure that you are successful.

You can choose to join me on a 6-week journey to help you map out, plan and prepare for a strategic launch of your own online coaching or training business.

Here is the complete 6-week coaching framework that we will work on together over six 1-hour sessions:



Want to get started?


Week 1: Define your target market and niche.

This is an essential first step, as it will help you understand who your ideal clients are and what their needs and goals are. You'll learn my FFAN framework to know your target audience which will help inform all of your marketing, advertising and content creation process moving forward. You learn how to research your competition and assess the market to see how to carve out a micro-niche strategy for launching into the world.

Week 2: Develop your coaching or training offering.

Selling the invisible is almost always impossible. Coaching and training are invisible services unless they are packaged together as products that people want. In this week we will get clear on how we define your products, services, packages, and pricing. You learn how to create clear and compelling offers that will attract your ideal clients and get them buying from you.

Week 3: Create your online presence.

With a knowledge-based business online, you have to stand out as THE expert people want to work with. You'll learn the framework to create an expert positioning website, marketing funnel and have clarity over the strategies to own the social media space with your content too. You'll have a plan for your marketing and advertising so that it develops a professional and engaging online presence that showcases your services and expertise consistently.

Week 4: Develop your marketing plan.

Getting and keeping customers is the job of every start up. It can be difficult, but successful lead generation and sales activity comes from effective planning and consistent execution of activity to have conversations and build relationships. This week you will learn strategies to attract and acquire new clients. This will include tactics such as content marketing, social media, video marketing, advertising and networking. You'll also learn my Selling Without Selling™ framework to serve those you speak to and position the ideal next step for them.

Week 5: Course creation roadmap and systems

Kajabi is a platform that allows you to create and sell online courses and other digital products. This week we will go over all the things needed to get your account set up. You'll walk away with your website set up, ready to add your branding and content. Your first product will be created so you can start adding in your training and resources. And we'll set your payment and billing processing to start taking money. Everything for you to launch your business and be ready to rock and roll. A hands on session with me that will require you to have a Kajabi trial account set up. There will be no need to get one until this week and I'll walk you through the entire set up process on the call.

Week 6: Launch your business.

This is where we put a plan into place for you to go to the world with your new brand and product. Everything will be focussed on the activity to launch to the market and start selling. Whether as a product launch or as an evergreen launch model, everything will be covered so you have the plans to start making money with your online business.

Get Started With Your Coaching or Training Business with Ant Hodges

Limited to a small number of clients, you can apply to get exclusive access to Ant and all the strategies you need to succeed and see your online coaching or training business grow into a reliable 6-figure income enterprise.

In this coaching programme, you’ll get the complete breakdown of everything needed to create and launch an online coaching or training business. The aim then would be to set goals, implement like crazy and develop a plans to achieve the quickest results. 

To work with Ant over six 1-hour sessions, it's by application only, book your initial call with Ant today!