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My personal mission is to serve 1,000,000 Knowledgepreneurs, so they truly become “on fire” in their life and serve many people around the world with their knowledge, wisdom and experiences.

What I am doing now...

  • In lockdown UK-style working from home and keeping spirits up
  • Keeping my family fed, clothed and safe in these uncertain times
  • Continuing to serve my Knowledgepreneur® Family in my membership
  • Gearing up for my next Knowledgepreneur® class opening 17th April 2020
  • Developing personal branding content to level up my "visibility" online
  • Growing the business with the constant steam of people asking "Ant, can you help me pivot my business online?"

Here to serve. Here to smile back. Here to support you.

Last updated: 31st March 2020

From the Desk of Knowledgepreneur® Ant Hodges
March 2020

It’s time to finally “Be Your Own Boss”

I started my first business in the boom years of 2007. Everything looked rosey and I quickly grew the branding and advertising agency that I felt I was called to run, quickly into multiple 6-figures. 2009 hit back with the worst recession of my lifetime.

I had to go and find a job! The business went bust.

Staff laid off, huge debt! A lost cause I thought.

This job I found helped me service over 100k of personal debt I accrued as a result of the agency failing but it also held me back.

In a time that I was paying off huge amounts of debt and every business under the sun wanted what was needed to help their business grow, all of the “nice to have” products and services went out of the window.

This reality and way of thinking helped be go into business in 2011 again, pay off all my debt and I’m now, running my own online knowledge commerce business with no way of looking back.

I found a way to serve and earn in a financial downturn.

I can see it coming again.

And I can see a need for many experts to start seeing themselves as THE answer and THE solution, rather than just another service provider.

Markets are already tumbling due to many issues, let alone this coronavirus - “nice to have” will be going out of the window.

Everything in your business needs to speak to your customers real deep desires - and you then need to step up and become THE answer they are looking for.

On 12th March 2020 I’ll be running a live online masterclass for those who want to know how to step up and attract authority in a market place that is struggling.

As many financial gurus are predicting, recession looms over all of our heads. Learning how to tweak your marketing message and service offering to reflect this will not only be the key to survival in tough times in the future, it will also give you the ability to grow and scale when others are cutting back!

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Serving students in his online courses and private clients in his marketing agency, Ant has learned a thing or two about selling information over the last 20+ years of being involved in the digital and internet marketing world. Ant's here to serve those you if you have Knowledge, Wisdom and if you want to create an online business that brings true freedom to create the lifestyle you want!