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November 2019

From the Desk of Mastercoach Ant Hodges

Learning how to grow and scale a knowledge-based business in today’s economy is so different from being able to grow an information marketing business online today.  Despite many people thinking that they can be successful in the knowledge commerce industry by following the tactics and strategies of yesterday, they simply won’t work.

I am on a mission to change the face of the information marketing world and eradicate it once and for all. Information is abundant. We can go to Google and now even ask robots and AI like Alexa or Siri for information.

What is missing is the ability for people to take that information and apply it to their lives in an accountable way to see real transformation. That transformation comes  when people apply the information they pick up, take action and see results - positive or negative. Knowledge then grows within to know what to do next time - invest more energy into it or change the implementation to get a better result next time.

“A Knowledgepreneur® is 100% focussed and driven by the passion they have to see their customer get the end result. This means a focus on helping their customers implement and take action is required. “ ~ Ant Hodges

There is an old saying “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” The phrase essentially means that you can someone an opportunity, but unless they choose to take action, you can’t force them.

This is a cop out phrase quoted by so many coaches and trainers today. It’s their way of getting around the issue of being able to pass on responsibility for action to the customer fully.

I agree, you can’t force them, but can do everything in your power to create and facilitate an environment where they can take action, ask questions, get guidance, mentoring and it’s your job as a Knowledgepreneur® to make that possible.

We can do that by building a great knowledge-centred business that has a focus on both you and the customer being responsible for taking action. And that is also my main priority with the Business Owner Success Syndicate (BOSS for short!), and I hope you’ll join me.

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