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If you are looking to engage an Online Business Manager, Marketing Team or an Agency, on a percentage (results-based) agreement, complete my pre-qualification questionnaire to get the conversation started.

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After completing the pre-qualification questionnaire, depending on the information you provide, one of two things will happen after I have personally gone through your answers.

  1. We will jump on a call together to discuss the potential to partner together on your journey towards success


  2. I will point you in a direction that will help you to start to better market, grow and scale your online business

If we jump on a call, and agree on a Results Based Focused Agreement, then this is what you could expect (but not excluding other elements also):

  • Regular calls with me as your lead strategist - to give you direct access to me to get things done quickly, consultancy and assistance with getting things running better than you can alone.
  • My employed agency team of ninja-level online marketers, focused on getting the best results possible with your online business.
  • An agreed term, normally between 3 and 5 years to work together.
  • Payments due on invoice based on an agreed percentage of the increase in turnover from your online business efforts - for most, with a small monthly retainer or initial investment to get started.
  • The only external costs you will incur will be system costs (the online systems to run your website and online courses) and advertising costs - everything else is covered by the work we will deliver in our agreement.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Click the button below and let's look and see if we're a good fit. Complete the questionnaire and I will be in touch very soon.

Click Here to Complete The Questionnaire