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Are you looking to join a Mastermind group to help you seriously GROW and SCALE your business?

If so, here's a brief run-down of what the BOSS Mastermind is all about.  And to be clear, this is not a sales page. I will not try and "sell" you on the idea of joining my mastermind at all. Read below to see if you fit the profile of someone best suited to be part of the BOSS Mastermind - if you then want to chat some more, we can.

Who BOSS Mastermind is for:

  • Coaches, trainers and course creators, already running 6-figure online businesses, wanting scale up to 7-figures and beyond.
  • Experts that are tired of doing more courses and programmes to grow their business, and are looking for real support to do just that.
  • Those who want to create a business that is scalable without the need to always be hustling for more.
  • Freedom seekers - looking for more time freedom and cash freedom.
  • Individuals willing to put the work in and implement, feeding back to the group, rather than just tag along for the ride.
  • Committed people willing and able to contribute to other people's success in the group, encourage and be held accountable.
  • Those wanting to have more FUN in business.

Who it's NOT for:

  • The wannabe internet marketer looking for quick riches and is thinking that by paying to be part of an expensive mastermind is enough to see success.
  • The start-up coach or trainer that isn't at least making some money from their business right now.
  • The conference, course or programme junkie who is stuck in the cycle of flipping from one expert to another, hoping to find the blueprint to success in another high-ticket programme only to not find it and then sign up for another, and another and another.
  • Anyone looking to scam, dupe or use less than morally correct methods of marketing and selling to grow their business.
  • The "I'm only in it for the money" entrepreneur who does not come at this from a position of wanting to serve and make a difference in the world.

Still with me...  here's the plain truth:

For most people that apply, the BOSS Mastermind is EXPENSIVE - for those committed to growing and scaling their business, they see the INVESTMENT as the biggest they will make in their business for the year ahead.

In-Person Meetings - Swindon (UK)

You will be committing to travel to and show up for one full day mastermind meeting, in-person every month in Swindon (that's an hour from Paddington by train) during your one year membership with BOSS UK.

Group Accountability & Check-In Calls

A monthly accountability session will take place, on Zoom, two weeks after each mastermind meeting. This accountability, check-in and catch up call is part of your commitment to your own business growth that of others.

A 4-Day Mastermind Retreat in the Sun!

Taking time out of your business is crucial for the growth and success you want - and that's what we do on our Mastermind Retreat. Four days of masterminding, strategy planning, training and some R&R. 

AND... Our 2-Day Marketing & Sales Intensive with End of Year Celebration Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Become part of BOSS and celebrate the end of the year with a London based 2-day mastermind experience in December when we specifically look at and review your last 12 months in business, then the marketing and sales strategies for the year ahead. PLUS... we have some fun with our BOSS End of Year Black Tie Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

So what happens next and how do we set up a time to chat?

Complete the form below. You will be redirected to an application form where I will ask you a number of questions about your business. Answer them in full, you'll then see my schedule to be able to book a call with me at a time that works for both of us. I will review your application and if I feel we're a good fit, we'll speak. If I review it and it really doesn't look like we're a good fit, I'll cancel the call and ping you a personal response about why we won't be proceeding.

This is all to weed out the time-wasters and those not committed to investing in themselves or their business.

Ready to take the next step? Complete the form below and then your application.

3 Quick FAQ's

If you have more questions, apply above and get on a call with Ant