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From the Desk of Ant Hodges


How is life and business with you right now?

Seeing the many restrictions from Covid-19 being lifted around the world and still many uncertainties being communicated to us by the media, I am sat in my office writing this to you, and am still hearing that BOSS members are crushing it! Or should I say BOSSing it!

  • The best months on business, they have ever had - multi 5 figure months no less!
  • Breaking a money mindset challenge and upping their prices - selling their signature programme for 3 times what they wanted to and seeing sales come in with ease.
  • Living with insane clarity over what they are doing, who they are serving and living a lifestyle they want to!

For me, learning how to grow and scale a knowledge-based business in today’s economy is so different from being able to grow any other business online today.  Despite many people thinking that they can be successful in the knowledge commerce industry, they are often following the tactics and strategies of yesterday, which simply won’t work.

I am on a mission to change the face of the information marketing world and eradicate it once and for all. Information is abundant. We can go to Google and now even ask robots and AI like Alexa or Siri for information.


What is missing is the ability for people to take that information and apply it to their lives in an accountable way to see real transformation. That transformation comes when people apply the information they pick up, take action and see results - positive or negative. Knowledge then grows within, to know what to do next time - invest more energy into it or change the implementation to get a better result next time.

"A Knowledgepreneur® is 100% focussed and driven by the passion they have to see their customer get the end result. This means a focus on helping their customers implement and take action is required. " ~ Ant Hodges

There is an old saying “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.” The phrase essentially means that you can someone an opportunity, but unless they choose to take action, you can’t force them. This is a cop out phrase quoted by so many coaches and trainers today. It’s their way of getting around the issue of being able to pass on responsibility for action to the customer fully.


I agree, you can’t force them, but you can do everything in your power to create and facilitate an environment where they can take action, ask questions, get guidance, mentoring and it’s your job as a Knowledgepreneur® to make that possible.

We can do that by building a great knowledge-centred business that has a focus on both you and the customer being responsible for taking action. And that is also my main priority with the Business Owner Success Syndicate (BOSS for short!), and I hope you’ll join me.

What’s included in BOSS Membership?

Let me give you an overview of what’s included in BOSS membership and my Knowledgepreneur® Academy Online Training that you’re going to get access to when you join - the training, the meetings, the coaching and more.

1) Online Training Nine Modules of Online Training inside the Knowledgepreneur® Academy
VALUE $2,997

With access granted immediately on joining, this includes video training, downloads, swipe files and bonuses offered with my Knowledgepreneur® Academy training - plus access to the LIVE Q&A calls every Wednesday. The main modules of training include:

  • Understand your true CALLING to serve the world is your first step
  • Get to know your CUSTOMERS and exactly what you can do to make their life goals possible
  • Get busy and CRAFT the best quality products that serve the widest possible audience in your niche
  • Get your products out there and enter the Knowledge COMMERCE industry, getting prepared for sales
  • Forget promotions, campaign instead with an annual COUNTDOWN of content and offers
  • Serve customers and clients ongoing, and stop hunting for new customers… build real CONTINUITY in  your business
  • Build in the SYSTEMS to Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money
  • Grow the best SQUAD around you to support your dreams and ambitions
  • Define the best STRATEGY for the growth and scaling of your business.

2) Monthly Mastermind Sessions
VALUE $20,000

Your BOSS Mastermind sessions are scheduled so that you can take time “out” of your business, to work “on” your business. You will join other members of your mastermind group and will not only be committing for yourself, but also for the success of the others.

This is what Napoleon Hill referred to in his book Think and Grow Rich:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony… no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” ~Napoleon Hill

This third mind is your BOSS Mastermind group. And the group itself will provide you with:

There is a facilitated BOSS mastermind group that meets for the whole day, once a month (except August), for businesses who have exceeded a 6-figure annual income in their business

We all know that what gets us from Zero to 6-figures is totally different from what will get us from 6-figures to 7 and beyond. The needs and challenges will be very different. This is the reason for having this qualification figure to ensure those in the group are on the same page. You will mastermind, build relationship and network with those on a similar path to you. 

  • Strategy - You’ll never be able to grow a successful business without the right strategy in place. Within the Knowledgepreneur® Academy Strategy module, you’ll be able to define your strategy with a simple process and map it out on one page.
  • Systems - Established systems Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money. Whether online or offline, the systems you embed will help you to grow. You’ll learn how others are adding systems to their businesses and shape your own with insight from BOSS Mastermind members.
  • Success - There is no magic silver bullet that will deliver success overnight. Success in business requires you to invest in yourself, your business and will require time. Your BOSS Mastermind will focus on getting to your goals, no matter how you define them.
  • Support - The entrepreneurial journey is often a lonely one. You can feel isolated, full of fear at times and have no one around you that you can talk things through with. Get the support from the safe place that is your BOSS Mastermind.

Each of your BOSS Mastermind Sessions will consist of:

Review Session

As each meeting is up to 4 weeks apart, you will be able to review the previous month and bring an update to the group to share your actions, big wins and key challenges to work on in your meeting.

Hot Seat

In bringing your key business challenges to the group, it will enable you to get the focus from everyone in the room to assist you in finding a resolution or a plan of action order to move forward.

Mastermind Group Accountability

When wrapping up the 1-day meetings that you have spent working “on” your business, there will be time to define the key actions that you commit to taking and share them with the group.

3) Monthly Mastermind Calls
VALUE - OVER $6,500

Once a month, two weeks after each BOSS Mastermind day, you will have a 1-2 hour, online Zoom meeting with all other BOSS Mastermind members to dial in and get answers to your questions plus any help or assistance with implementation.

See these as your accountability calls with other Mastermind members.

We’ll do a round-robin to get as many questions or challenges resolved. Calls will not take place on UK Bank Holidays, and if I’m travelling the time of the call may be changed.

4) Two Private Strategy Sessions
VALUE $4,000

With an unwavering commitment to see you succeed I wanted to go even further with BOSS. I've seen the value in private one-to-one strategy sessions with a number of members during the last three seasons. If you choose to join and become part of BOSS, you will be able to book 2 private one-to-one strategy sessions with me during your BOSS membership.

These sessions will have a dedicated focus on building strategy and looking at better ways to Market, Grow or Scale your business.

5) A VIP delegate pass to BOSS @ The Beach 3-Day Mastermind Event in California

With the original plan to visit California in March 2021, COVID-19 put a scupper on those plans. In 2022, we hope that this will all be possible.

BOSS @ The Beach will be a publicly ticketed event with Delegates being asked to pay $3,997 and VIP's being asked to pay $8,997.

Essentially the event is a deep-dive, mastermind event and all the final details will be released soon and will be dependant on the lifting of travel restrictions - at the time of writing this, the USA has a ban on travel from the UK.

BOSS Members come for free as VIP guests (excluding travel and accommodation costs)


Apply to Join the Business Owner Success Syndicate

BOSS Membership is by application only. After your application is received you'll be given an opportunity to book a time to chat with Ant Hodges. Should you be accepted, membership fees, dates and other member benefits will be shared. Payment on acceptance guarantees your place. Either a one time payment or instalment plan can be selected - payment plans start from the moment you decide to join.

Spaces are limited to a total of 15 places for BOSS, so don't miss out!