Why I Don't Do Black Friday Offers

Why I Don't Do Black Friday Offers

black friday

Black Friday is a few days away. Cyber Monday is three days later. But I will tell you, I won't be having a sale on either day.

Instead, I have released a new video training that you can get access to for FREE, and it will permanently stay free as a free opt-in product.

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But why no Black Friday Offer from me?

Despite the flood of emails that both you and I will get on Friday, most of the deals will either be false, not worth it or from people who are simply tapping into the hype.

I'm not a total anti-BF person. I have worked with clients again this year to help them create unique offers for their Black Friday campaigns - either never seen before for new customers or to help them reposition other products existing customers might not have had.

This is a savvy way to treat Black Friday, in my opinion - it's not about slashing prices by 99% for existing products that will annoy customers that have bought in other times of the year. Do this often enough, and you will condition your audience to expect your next discount. 

Where did Black Friday come from?

As much as 50% of annual sales for some companies are generated between now and the end of the year. Black Friday was introduced to bring potential revenue forward a few weeks for retailers and those needing to liquidate old stock before the New Year.

In any online business, you shouldn't have old stock to liquidate.

And for me, like any savvy online business owner, I would rather build a sustainable business that serves people and makes money all year round.

Personally, my goal has always been to build products worth investing in and buying at full price at any time of the year they are available.

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I don't want to be on the treadmill of constantly introducing new products every season - or having to make something up to cash in on something people don't need.

The downsides to discounting on Black Friday

All too often, businesses are too dependent on having a sale or offering s discount to make more money. As consumers, we always love a bargain. Many people have become addicted to them. Retail outlets are some of the worst sales peddlers. I would question some brands and ask "Do they even sell anything at full price at any time of the year?" - a very famous furniture retailer with a name made up of 3 letters comes to mind!

When you do discounts, price drops and slash prices, your list or audience will just wait until your next sale.

Inbetween launches and seasonal offers, stack the value in their favour, give and serve. That will put enough in the bank of goodwill for the next time your marketing campaign positions an offer.