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The right stewardship of your resources

I’ve had a fair number of “coaches” contact me with regards to the important message that I put out onto LinkedIn a little while ago.

You can read it here

Those that contacted me had one of two messages for me.

  • The first was a message, generally, of full agreement with what I shared.
  • The other, one in direct opposition to the thoughts and opinions that I shared.

If, being honest with you, I knew that it would provoke that sort of a reaction from some. In essence I was sharing my thoughts around a business model that is being taught by many, being followed by many and one that is just wrong and not a wise way to run advertising in my opinion.

I’ve worked with so many coaches who bought into products and programs of “gurus” and achieved absolutely nothing from their investment. Sometimes the whole picture isn’t necessarily given during the sale, including the level of investment over and above the "coaching" and "training" that will be given.

The main subject matter of what I posted was to do with the right stewardship of your resources.

I believe that we are given gifts of finance, team, health and relationships so that we can live our life to the fullest, serve others and achieve the success or ambitions that we strive for in life.

It is with those gifts that we’ve been given, I also believe are given with a level of responsibility that we must act on.

The notion of spending tens of thousands on advertising and achieving a very small percentage return on investment does not speak of wise stewardship of finance.

There are many ways to attract and secure new clients and customers for our businesses without having to spend stupid amounts on things such as Facebook advertising or Google Adwords.

Typically most of the people that buy into these “learn how to sell high ticket coaching services” training programs with the “gurus” are just starting out in business. The only way to truly succeed in many of these programs is by investing in the advertising levels advised of. Many of them don’t have available cash to put into the high-priced advertising campaigns that they’re told to. But even if they do have the cash, or they go into debt, for me this is not needed.

This year, having worked with one client who was advised by the virgin money start-up team, to go and get a large business loan and invest heavily in the development of a full e-commerce website for her business, she worked with me for a few months to launch it on a much smaller budget. The businesses launched, she is not in any debt and the return on our investment will be far greater as a result. Bootstrapped some would say.

There are many ways to skin a cat (not literally, I don’t want to offend any cat lovers) and when you’re looking to win new business, there are many ways.

If you are looking for quick wins, an overnight success and you have copious amounts of money that you could risk on advertising campaigns that you don’t know if they will work or not, follow the advice of the many “gurus” and run the kind campaigns that I talk about in the article I posted this on LinkedIn.

If you don’t have a large budget for marketing, you don’t want to go into debt and you have no means of investing to run a campaign similar to that that I speak of, allow me to serve you and develop a campaign that works for you, your budget and your business. Click here and message me directly so that we can discuss the challenges that you’re facing and how we can solve them.

The average cost per acquisition for clients of one of my businesses is less than $60 and the average lifetime value of a customer is well in excess of $56,000. We generate daily leads and have a process for converting those leads into customers. We provide a huge amount of free value through expert positioning content and digital products. Our social media is packed full of followers who are entertained, educated and enlightened through that content, enough so that they make the buying decision to work with us rather than as trying to sell to them.

Let’s jump on a call chat through where you’re at with your marketing and see if I can’t help to create a marketing strategy and plan that will work for you.

Click here, message me and let's chat

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