Set Your Sails and Cruise into a New Future

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails,”
~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr - author of Life's Little Instruction Book

Question: If there are things in life are happening to you and you can't get any kind of control over them, what do you do?

Answer: Stop trying to change them.

The only things that you can change are those which you have total control over. This means that you need to find a way to move forward by "adjusting your sales" and put your focus on the future rather than on the now.

When a sailor knows a storm is coming from a certain direction, he or she will adjust the sails and tighten the rigging to let the wind push them in the opposite direction to the storm. This is not turning around, the goal is to stay on course towards their target location but they make the adjustments to stop them getting caught up in a disaster that could sink their boat.

It’s the same with your life. Continuing on a course where disaster is looming and just waiting for it to take you down, may leave it impossible for you to ever get out of the “storm” in the future.

It may be tough to make a change the course you are on, more so if you have been on this journey for long time. Your path is a familiar one and even though filled with turmoil, it can be oddly comfortable to stay on course.

Taking a diversion or an unknown course of action may be scary, but you must also consider that it may be necessary if you’re to get on with your life and achive the success you are striving for.

To move forward, the first thing you must do to rid yourself of fear when thinking about your possible uncharted course. Do this by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. You can do this my preparing yourself enough by doing two things:

1 - Gathering knowledge about your new course of action
2 - Visualizing yourself in your new role in the future

You may still run into situations that you’re unprepared for – and you may make some wrong decisions as you walk your path – but, perseverance will get you through the dark and stormy times and guide you to safety.

The final thing to do to be clear on your strategy for setting goals, take real action on them and making choices to stay on course - even if you need to take a diversion or two. That's where a coach can help.

Your task: Find someone you can trust as your coach to help you get to where you want to get to.

Take action... find that coach.

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