Lead Generation

Lead Generation Tips for More Success Online

lead generation

The biggest problem that entrepreneurs have today when it comes to running their business online, or even running any kind of knowledge commerce business, is that always on the hunt for new leads and new customers.

They are the hunters.

They're the people that are out there in the marketplace, chasing down people, trying to convert people, trying to sell to people consistently.

A true Knowledgepreneur is not somebody who does that.

A Knowledgepreneur has a different way of looking at things and a different angle or perspective on how to run a business effectively.

For me, a true Knowledgepreneur is someone who has a system in place where they can generate all the leads that they want in their business, just by like turning on the tap or faucet, and it just flows! They can press a button and leads come in.

A Knowledgepreneur is also somebody who has a system and a processing place where people can choose to buy from them rather than them having to sell to them. This is a process where they can deliver content, or there's an automated process that delivers it, in a way they can, again, generate sales in their business without always having to be involved. The process can include other team members. It could include automated videos. It also could include emails and nurture sequencing.
Having a system in place for your business that will allow you to generate all the leads that you could want in your business.

It means that you will have sales coming in on a consistent basis without you having to do all of the hunting and all of the chasing down. This means that you'll be able to embark it, grow and scale your business in a far better way.

So how do you do this? Here are my top tips… but you can also learn more with my free training at www.knowledgepreneur.co.uk

Number 1 - I would say the best way to generate leads today is to use advertising, paid advertising.

A lot of people will say “I haven't got the money to risk on paid advertising. So I don't want to do that” or “I'm not sure that I want to risk the little amount of cash that I have available to be able to do that” - but budgets aside, you could spend maybe $5 or even just $10 a day, generating interest in an audience where people have never seen you before.

If you are invisible, you're not going to even generate any kind of leads or interest. When you start showing up and you start adding value, then people will start to get to know you like you trust you and want to know some more. That’s the key thing, advertising enables you to get in front of a cold audience.

Number 2 - Automation is key.

Automated sales will come in when we have the right systems in place. Imagine emails that would go out, adding value, giving people the ability to watch videos and choose a time and a place in which they want to buy from you, rather than you having to sell to them. Digital products don’t go out stock, you've got unlimited spots available, automate it and see the sales coming in.

Video also available on YouTube here.