It's Time to Get Happy with Mindfulness

It's Time to Get Happy with Mindfulness


Let’s face it, with everything that’s going on in the world, it’s so easy to get stuck in a negative mindset and stay focused on the things that aren’t working in life. Our self-talk can become all about our weaknesses or failures. Negativity can become our habitual way of thinking. Mindfulness can help us turn this all around and get ourselves into a far more positive mindset, developing much more optimistic thought patterns.

Mindfulness – its’s often something people think can be used to help stay calm, relax or helping us deal with stress. It can, but, it’s not just for those reasons. Mindfulness can help lift our mood and become a happier person too.

Here are three ways mindfulness can help us get out of the negative spiral and into a happier state of mind.

Stay in the now

Practicing mindfulness can help us refocus our attention on the here and now instead of anxious fast-forwarding thoughts of the future, towards problems that don’t exist yet or festering emotions over past mistakes. Practicing mindfulness can slow us down and reconnects us with what is happening in the moment.

We will notice and appreciate the good things that are in our life right now. Being mindful can also help us to stop being reactive and instead be more thoughtful in how we respond to people and situations.

Be more connected

Mindfulness brings us into a deeper connection with ourself and with others. It gives us time and mental space to work out what matters to us, and our core values and beliefs. We can feel more grounded and secure in our life. This helps us learn that happiness lies in knowing ourself fully and being comfortable with who we are.

When we are our authentic self, we can connect with others honestly and openly. Relationships can become deeper, more profound and more heartfelt.

Enhance contentment and gratitude

One of the beautiful effects of mindfulness is the release from the treadmill of consumerism and materialism. We stop investing in externals for your happiness – money, external approval, worldly success, and possessions. Mindfulness helps us to be focusses on self-worth first.

Mindfulness focuses our attention on what we can control. Living an authentic life, attuned and aligned with our values that encourages and supports our inner wellbeing. Our happiness becomes self-sufficient.

Cultivating mindfulness practices in our lives can open our mind to greater feelings of gratitude for where we are and what we have right now. ‘You are enough’ is not just a slogan, it is an affirmation that we can repeat to ourselves to step into the best we can and live the life we want.

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